The attention and the work of our team are directed to the sale and rental of prestigious and non residential, touristic and commercial properties located mainly in the area of Brescia and Lake Garda.

For the Seller

Property Assessment

We provide a free technical estimate of your property and through specific land searches we recommend the most suitable price to offer on the market.


Promotion and Research

With your consent, the property will be advertised on our company website and included in the main most visited Italian and International property portals, as well as promoted through exhibitors, flyers, brochures, etc.

Professional Photos

We provide free photographic services with excellent professional cameras, such as the 360 degrees camera, which grant a complete overview of the house and rooms, so as to present your property in the best possible way.



Throughout the entire sales path you will be constantly informed and updated on the current situation and the results of the various visits through reports sent by e-mail or in any other way you prefer.

For the Buyer

Professional Research

Finding the property of your dreams that meets your needs is not at all simple: between work, commitments and private life, time is always in short supply. Our team will engage to identify the best solution for you, trying not to make you waste time and thus realize your dream taking into account every need.

Price Guarantee

The knowledge of the territory and of the market allows us to guarantee you the correct commercial estimate of the property of your greatest preference and interest.


Financial Assistance

When you need careful credit advice, MECA will be able to show you professionals who can find tailor-made financial solutions for you.


For Both of you

MECA REAL ESTATE works in strong partnership with professionals from different sectors such as lawyers, surveyors, architects, notaries, credit brokers, interpreters, etc., in order to take advantage of free consultations and guarantee complete and efficient services as much as possible. In addition, for foreign customers who want to sell or buy a home, our staff is expert in English language and we collaborate with multilingual interpreters and professionals.