MECA REAL ESTATE, was born from the strong desire to pursue a career in the international real estate market, as well as from a great passion for this sector. Our agency is in close contact with AQUARIUS, a historic family company active in the field for over 20 years which, building its history step by step, investment after investment, has allowed the new and motivated generation to enter the market in a strong position.

The MECA REAL ESTATE team, strong of the teachings and training received over the years, puts the needs of the customer, seller and buyer at the center and establishes a relationship based on mutual respect and above all on humility and work, for this reason customer satisfaction is for MECA REAL ESTATE a great recognition and a fundamental objective to be achieved, to make it possible it offers its multiple services, which include, among many, the vast working network and close collaboration with professionals from other countries, in addition to the maximum availability towards the people who trust and who reward our professionals with their trust.

The modus operandi of the MECA REAL ESTATE team is based on the extreme importance that the sale of real estate represents for people, this delicate and complex set of steps represents one of the most important and expensive, both humanly and economically, investments in the life of each person both in the figure of the seller and in the figure of the buyer and for this reason we are committed with dedication to put at your service seriousness, honesty, passion and professionalism, thus making the dream of all MECA customers feasible and concrete: our only purpose.

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